The BCDSS Blog is the official blog of the Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies. It complements the center’s periodical publications, including The DEPENDENT, by providing a venue where readers can encounter the wonderful people and the complex processes that operate behind the scenes to produce knowledge about slavery and asymmetrical dependency at the University of Bonn.

Blog posts cover various topics, including the development and application of theory, interdisciplinary research ethics, fieldwork reports, case studies based on archival findings, highlights from interviews with noted scholars and practitioners, pedagogical vignettes, engagement on questions of diversity and inclusion in the academe, and much more.

The center’s forty-five doctoral candidates write a regular column posted on the first Monday of each month. Other groups, including students from our MA programs, post-docs, research group leaders, administrators, and professors, will also be encouraged to write regularly or on special occasions moving forward.

The BCDSS Blog aims to be a creative space where academics can engage with their topics in a relatively informal style. The articles published here have been reviewed by members of an editorial team at the BCDSS, but the thoughts and opinions expressed by the individual students and researchers are their own. They do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the BCDSS.